Dear friends! Meet «S.I. Group Consort Ltd»

For several years our company, «S.I. Group Consort. Ltd», aimed itself for extensive work with toxic pesticides.We found the best specialists, researched the most modern technologies and waste management methods and procedures. We started to work with waste recycling of plants in Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. As a result, SI Group became leading company in handling toxic waste in Eastern Europe.

Since 2010 the company became involved in all major Ukrainian projects, handling thousands of tons of obsolete pesticides which were buried over the last 40 years throughout Ukraine

The European Union concerns together with the Ukrainian government fear of ecological disaster issued a resolution of the government to clean Ukraine from toxic waste as soon as possible

The government issued a tender in order to find the most experienced and suitable company to handle this task

:In order to win the tender «S.I. Group Consort. Ltd» did the following

-      We formed the group of Ukrainian partners specializing in handling toxic waste;

-      We trained the officers in the State Ecological Academy, in the “Novator” specialized center and in the State Inspection of Plant Defense;

-      We arranged all the necessary documents and licenses;

-      We got the medical permit for every staff member;

-      The production procedures of handling toxic waste management were inspected and accepted by the authorities;

-      We purchased all the necessary equipment and the required security facilities;

The above described actions helped «S.I. Group Consort. Ltd» to complete and win the Ukrainians tenders and to become the leading contractor of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in Ukraine.

For all our activities, our company safely processed and removed for destruction more than 52,000 tons of hazardous waste, namely unusable and expired pesticides, hexachlorobenzene waste (HCB), mononitrochlorobenzene waste (MNCB), burrill waste, PCB waste.

Chief Executive Officer       SI Group Consort. Ltd.                 Yehiam Jack Avissar

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