The last note


On September 19, 2013, the last truck loaded withMNCB (mononitrochlorobenzene) left from Gorlovsky chemical plant.Cleaning Gorlovsky chemical plant was an outstanding complex challengewhich Si Bud Systemworkers had to solve. Over 441 tons of “blood poison” (1 mg of this poison can lead to death) were taken out and shipped out of Ukraine.

Mr. Alexander Pavelko declared while watching the last truck leaving Gorlovka: “Cleaning Gorlovka of MNCB was a top priority project set by President of Ukraine Victor FedorovichYanukovych and Minister of ecology Oleg Proskuryakov.

Unfortunately the MNCB is not the only problem in Gorlovka. There aretensof tons of dangerous wastestill left in the area of Gorlovsky chemical plant.

To be continued…

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