Radical solution for the problems of “Radikal” plant


The former “Radikal” plant was one of the largest chemical plants of the former Soviet Union. It was located in the middle of the most beautiful capital of Europe – Kiev,near the office centers and near Lisovo metro station.

Nowadays,this area contains more than 200,000 tons of soil contained mercury and about 50 tons of chlorine waste. Last year, 4.5 tons were extracted by us.

The state administration called on “S.I. Group Consort Ltd”with a request to exportthe remains of chlorine-contained waste from the territory of the former plant. The request wasbased on “S.I. Group Consort Ltd” vast experiencein exporting toxic waste, the presence of experts and the international relations with the plants having the required technologies.

On July 23-24, 2013 S.I. Group Consort Ltd has exported 45 tons of chlorine-contained waste out of Ukraine.

We hope that the fact we got such a positive assessment of quality and completed all planned work on schedule, will grant us the export work of the mercury-contained waste at the former “Radikal” plant in the future.

SI Group Consort Ltd. – Working For a Better World!

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