Confirmed export of toxic waste from Ukraine


Another stage of extraction of toxic waste was completed in Ukrainianterritory by the end of 2012.

Approximately 8000 tons of toxic waste wasexported out of Ukraine:

  • The vessel “Figaro” loaded 1337 tons of pesticides.
  • The vessel “Graf Uko” loaded 1805 tons of pesticides.
  • The vessel “Waterway” loaded 1264 tons of pesticides.
  • The vessel “KoganOzgun” loaded 3429 tons of HCB.

By October 2013, the process of cleaning the country is not completed yet. Additional 250 tons of obsolete pesticides exported out of Poltava area. The plan is to extract 3280 tons of hexachlorobenzene waste from Ivano-Frankovsk’s areas (in Kalush city).The sorted toxic waste is repacked hermetically in new containers and transported by rail to the port of Ilychevsk.

The next vessel should leave Ukrainian territory very soon.

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