Clean Ukraine from the Obsolete Pesticides (OP)


John Vijgen


The Government of Ukraine has put through the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources the task to completely clean Ukraine from the obsolete pesticides (OP) by the end of the year 2012.

It is well-known that the Israelian Company SI Group Consort Ltd exported from Ukraine more than 25K MT of different sort of toxic wastes such as obsolete pesticides, MNCB and HCB.

If one would decide to place the trucks which have taken this dangerous waste out from Ukraine in 2011 behind each other, it will form a row of nearly 14 km.

In accordance with National plan, 22 regions of Ukraine will have to be completely cleaned from obsolete pesticides. Particularly talks were held about Vinnitskaya, Volynskaya, Zhytomyrskaya, Zakarpatskaya, Zaporozhskaya, Kirovogradskaya, Luganskaya, Nikolaevskaya, Odesskaya, Poltavskaya, Rovenskaya, Sumskaya, Khersonskaya, Khmelnitskaya, Cherkasskaya, Donetskaya, Kievskaya, Lvovskaya, Kharkovskaya, Dnepropetrovskaya oblasts and Crimea (Autonomic Republic).

In accordance with the signed contract between MoEP and SI Group Consort Ltd, the Israelians have already exported 296,024 MT of OPs from Donetskaya oblast, 526,322 MT of OP from Kievskaya oblast, 339, 627 MT of OP from Lvovskaya oblast, 1070,183 MT of OP from Kharkovskaya oblast and 391,035 MT of OP from Dnepropetrovskaya oblast during this year.

The repackaging works were completed on the 14-15th of May.

The last truck left Kharkovskaya oblast on the 23rd of May.

And the cleaning of Ukraine from toxic wastes will keep going on.

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