The story of obsolete pesticides near Odessa


1000 tons of obsolete pesticides were buried and forgotten near the village Altestovo (15 kilometers from Odessa).

Here is the story:

On the 13-th of January 1972 the vesselMozdok with “aid-cargo” for Vietnam during the war was wrecked and sunk near Odessa (district of Voronzovsky lighthouse). The cargo included 1000 tons of pesticides for agricultural needs was left in the bottom, some 23 meters under water.

After 30 months the vessel was brought up and the cargo of pesticides was buried in the village named Altestovo. There it was buried for 38 years and contaminated the land and water with toxic waste.

One cannot estimate the damage to residents’ health and life associated with this negligent behavior.

Today the Israeli Company SI Group Consort Ltd. and it’s local partners are working on packaging and transportation for utilization of all obsolete pesticidesfrom all over Ukraine. They do their best to clean all the “memorials” of the epoch of Soviet Union.


Detailed story of Mozdok you can read in the book

 ”Pilot on the ship pipe” by Vera Zvereva


SI Group Consort Ltd. – Working For a Better World!

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