Export of hazardous waste from Zaporozhye region


In 2011 The SI Group Consort Ltd. has won a tender issued by Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine. As a part of this tender The SI Group Consort Ltd signed a contract to export unsustainable pesticides from Zaporozhye, Kherson and Nikolaev region, as well as from the Republic of Crimea.

During 2011 The SI Group Consort Ltd has exported and utilized a total of 222.2 tons of unsustainable pesticides from Zaporozhye region. Inter alia 32 tons of hazardous waste stationed for a long period of time in the central part of the Zaporozhye region have been exported and utilized.

Other than that The SI Group Consort Ltd has exported unsustainable pesticides from Rozovsky and Gulaipole parts of Zaporozhye region. In the first of them there were registered 177 tons of pesticides. Out of them 168 tons were stationed in the regional center, as for the rest, they were placed previously at Novomlinovsky, Azovsky and Karlolibknechtovsky villages – 1, 3 and 5 tons respectively.

More hazardous waste has been exported from two ex-kolkhozes: one named after Friedrich Engels and the other called “Novy Zapovitt” in Goulaipole region.

All the hazardous materials exported have been utilized at special waste combustion plants in Poland situated at Gdańsk and Dobrova Gornica. Sarpi Dabrowa Gornicza Sp. z o. o. and Port Service Sp. z o. o. incineration plants are the world leaders in toxic waste management. These subcontractors have all the necessary licenses and they offer complex services in utilizing hazardous, industrial, agrochemical and medical waste, ballast water and petroleum-derived waste. They also offer cleansing of tanks, sewers and separators.


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