Tree planting project on the former waste disposal of hexachlorobenzene – polygon Kalush region.



«About 50% of the most dangerous chemical waste of Ukraine is to be found in Kalush region.»

According to Ukrainian President Resolution, Kalushregion was deckared:”Ecological Emergency Dangerous Zone”.

After closing the largest Europeanchemical-metallurgical plants in theKalush region, huge amounts of the most toxic waste ofhexachlorbenzene were leftbehind.
In 2011 our company, S.I. Group Consort Ltd., won the government tender of cleaning the former waste disposal area of Kalush. And we exported more than8 tons of the toxic waste to be treated in specialized plant in Great Britain.

In October 2012 we resumed the projectwith the help of 89 staff members and 17units of heavy equipment. S.I. Group Consort Ltd. exported 3,430 tons of hexachlorbenzene for treatment (57 railway wagons).Till the first of November 2012 all toxic waste was shipped to Great Britain.

Unfortunately the projectis not finished. And next year the works will be resumed.

The Mayor of Kalush, Mr. Nasalik reported that the tree planting project will take place in the cleaned area.

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