And they are off on their way to distant ports

On November 10, the vessel “Hagen” sailed away with the next load of hazardous waste of hexachlorobenzenefrom the Port of Ilychevsk. 3286 tons of hazardous waste exported from Ukraine. For years this waste was a serious lethal threat to the citizens of Ivano-Frankivsk. SI Group Consort Ltd. – Working For a Better World!

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Confirmed export of toxic waste from Ukraine

Another stage of extraction of toxic waste was completed in Ukrainianterritory by the end of 2012. Approximately 8000 tons of toxic waste wasexported out of Ukraine: The vessel “Figaro” loaded 1337 tons of pesticides. The vessel “Graf Uko” loaded 1805 tons of pesticides. The vessel “Waterway” loaded 1264 tons of pesticides. The vessel “KoganOzgun” loaded [...]


The last note

On September 19, 2013, the last truck loaded withMNCB (mononitrochlorobenzene) left from Gorlovsky chemical plant.Cleaning Gorlovsky chemical plant was an outstanding complex challengewhich Si Bud Systemworkers had to solve. Over 441 tons of “blood poison” (1 mg of this poison can lead to death) were taken out and shipped out of Ukraine. Mr. Alexander Pavelko [...]


The process of cleaning Kalush area from buried hexachlorobenzeneis not completes yet

Kalushis still definedas “Zone of Extreme Ecological danger” (CLICK HERE) On September 4, 2013 more than 75 of our employees started the project of repackaging of HCB for export and treatment abroad. The plan is to extract over 3200 tons of toxic waste from Kalush area. On September 9,the Minister of ecology and natural resources [...]

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And back to Gorlovka

S.I. Group Consort Ltd.restarted exporting of MNCB remains from the area of the former chemical plant in Gorlovka. MNCB it is aresistant organic pollutant ranked as1st class of hazard, also called “blood poison”. 1 mg of this poison can lead to human death. On September 10, we have exported 11 trucks (242 tons) of MNCB [...]


Radical solution for the problems of “Radikal” plant

The former “Radikal” plant was one of the largest chemical plants of the former Soviet Union. It was located in the middle of the most beautiful capital of Europe – Kiev,near the office centers and near Lisovo metro station. Nowadays,this area contains more than 200,000 tons of soil contained mercury and about 50 tons of [...]


2012 – Year of the black water dragon

              The black water dragon behaved toward Ukraine with favor. In 2012 we exported the next amount of toxic waste: Pesticides                   13 090.139 т Nitrochlorobenzene       391.931 т Hexachlorobenzene      3 429.565 т         [...]


Toxic waste was shipped to France and Great Britain

At the turn of the 2012 year 1,300 tons of toxic waste was shipped from the port Ilychevsk for utilization in France. The vessel “Waterway” is on his way to France. All the toxic waste will be neutralized on the special plant in the city Saint-Maurice-l’Exil. Motorvessel “Graf OKU” with 1700 tons of toxic pesticides [...]


Tree planting project on the former waste disposal of hexachlorobenzene – polygon Kalush region.

«About 50% of the most dangerous chemical waste of Ukraine is to be found in Kalush region.» According to Ukrainian President Resolution, Kalushregion was deckared:”Ecological Emergency Dangerous Zone”. After closing the largest Europeanchemical-metallurgical plants in theKalush region, huge amounts of the most toxic waste ofhexachlorbenzene were leftbehind. In 2011 our company, S.I. Group Consort Ltd., [...]


We don’tmake idle promises

“We started the demercurization process of Radikalplant – the technological object of Kiev.” Mr. Popov – the Head of Kiev City State Administration. 27/09/2012 19/10/12 –The first part of pesticides from the 1996 year when the plant Radikal was closed exported. According to preliminary information there are 250 tons of dangerous pesticides on the territory [...]


The story of obsolete pesticides near Odessa

1000 tons of obsolete pesticides were buried and forgotten near the village Altestovo (15 kilometers from Odessa). Here is the story: On the 13-th of January 1972 the vesselMozdok with “aid-cargo” for Vietnam during the war was wrecked and sunk near Odessa (district of Voronzovsky lighthouse). The cargo included 1000 tons of pesticides for agricultural [...]

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Dr. Kevin Helps, the coordinator of the project FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) visited Ukraine last week. He held productive and effective meetings with Assistant to the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Mr. Mormul and with Department director Mr. Sokolov. Dr. Kevin Helps reported to European Commission and representatives of [...]


Gorlovka project – SI Group

Si Group Consort Ltd. won the tender of the Gorlovka plant toxic waste removal from the area. The work volume of 60 million grivnas, budgeted by the Ukrainian Government. The project included removal of 2350 ton of MNCB (mononitrochlorobenzene). The project was completed in 2011 with 200 employees of SI Group and local partners. The [...]


We can do it! Emergency work on the container ship «Maersk Kinloss»

WE CAN DO IT! Emergency work on the container ship «Maersk Kinloss» Footage of the incident: SI Group Consort Ltd. – Working For a Better World!


Export of hazardous waste from Zaporozhye region

In 2011 The SI Group Consort Ltd. has won a tender issued by Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine. As a part of this tender The SI Group Consort Ltd signed a contract to export unsustainable pesticides from Zaporozhye, Kherson and Nikolaev region, as well as from the Republic of Crimea. During 2011 [...]


Clean Ukraine from the Obsolete Pesticides (OP)

John Vijgen   The Government of Ukraine has put through the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources the task to completely clean Ukraine from the obsolete pesticides (OP) by the end of the year 2012. It is well-known that the Israelian Company SI Group Consort Ltd exported from Ukraine more than 25K MT of [...]